Professional Services

MMH Engineering provide Engineering Design and Consultancy services tailored to suit surface mining and bulk materials handling industries. Our experience and expertise is readily transferable to many other industry sectors.

We pride ourselves on our analytical thinking and problem solving abilities. If you have a goal which is challenging or a little different we can assist you in reaching it.

Mobile Plant Services
Fixed Plant
Engineering Analysis
Design Drafting
On-site Supervision
Inspection and Auditing

Mobile Plant Services

MMH Engineering specialises in large mobile plant, including;

  • Bucket Wheel Reclaimers
  • Bridge Reclaimers
  • Portal Scraper Reclaimers
  • Bucket Wheel Excavators
  • Ship Loaders and Ship Unloaders
  • Wharf Cranes, Straddle Carriers, Gantry Cranes
  • Stackers and Trippers
  • Spreaders

Fabrication of steelwork and modification of such equipment can be a complex task requiring consideration of strength, stability and often buckling or fatigue. MMH Engineering can provide a comprehensive structural design that is capable of exceeding requirements of Australian and/or International standards.

A brief sample of our design capabilities;

  • Mobile equipment modifications and upgrades
  • Replacement of critical components; slew bearing, bucket wheel, luff cylinder, bogies, winches, drives, etc
  • Construction and deconstruction
  • Specifications and design auditing
  • Refurbishment of worn, corroded, or damaged structures
  • Revised control and monitoring systems

Our multi-disciplined expertise with bulk materials handling equipment enables us to specify, design, or audit efficient and effective solutions involving a combination of mechanical, structural, and often electrical control engineering.


Fixed Plant and Structures

Fixed structures can have widely varying design influences and critical factors which must be identified and considered for successful design.

MMH Engineering provide fixed plant structural design services including repairs and new plant upgrades. Our team is experienced with both greenfield and brownfield projects and can tailor a solution to suit client needs. Examples such as;

  • Plant support structures for mechanical equipment such as;
    • Screens
    • Crushers
    • Concentrators
    • Conveyors systems
  • Bins, Hoppers and Chutes
  • Maintenance walkways and platforms
  • Transfer stations
  • Temporary works supports

Engineering Analysis

Fixed and mobile structures can have widely varying design influences and critical factors which must be identified and considered for successful design.

Our expertise and technical resources enable us to perform a variety of assessments, for example;

  • Advanced structural analysis
  • Finite Element Modelling
  • Stress/Strain
  • Buckling
  • Natural and forced vibration
  • Thermal expansion
  • Consideration of advanced material properties
  • High strength steels
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics and mouldings
  • Composite materials
  • Operational verification
  • Material flow analysis (Discrete Element Modelling)
  • Efficiency, utilisation and availability optimisation
  • Remnant life assessment and life extension
  • Risk assessments

Design Drafting


Our designers produce engineering drawings in accordance with internationally recognised standards and client specifications.

Drawings are revision controlled and contain all required information such as bill of materials, material specifications, welding and machining notations. Sample drawings can be provided on request.

Our drawings can serve many functions;

  • Fabrication and manufacturing
  • Shop detailing
  • Conceptual design
  • Layouts and overview
  • Informative documentation (logic diagrams, flow charts, etc)

3D Modelling

We work closely with our clients to develop 3D models during conceptual or early stage design to enable visualisation of the structure or component. 3D modelling allows the component to be viewed including its interaction with the local environment, before proceeding to detailed design.

We make use of 3D modelling through the detailed design phases as our CAD, FEA and DEM computer packages work together to model and analyse systems. Modifications arising from the analysis are easily implemented in the 3D model which can then be used check fits and ensure there is no interference with other components.

2D fabrication drawings and bills of materials are rapidly developed and easily updated directly from the 3D model, saving valuable time.


Site Engineering and Supervision

Site and Shutdown Support

Through providing timely engineering support to shutdowns, MMH Engineering gives its clients the best opportunity to meet or exceed the shutdown deadline requirements by using effective methodologies and engineered safe work procedures.

A range of shutdown works require or greatly benefit from engineering support including;

  • Heavy and dual crane Lifts
  • Temporary works structures
  • Replacement of critical components
  • Slew bearing, bucket wheel, luff cylinder, bogie, winches, ropes and stays, gearboxes, drive, and shafts
  • Refurbishment of corroded or damaged sections
  • Upgrade of components or systems
  • Installation of control and monitoring systems

Damage Assessment and Rectification

Mobile equipment and fixed plant often operates in demanding environments which sometimes leads to damage to structures and equipment.

MMH Engineering can ensure it is repaired in a safe manner which will not adversely affect the structural integrity or the life of the machine or its components.

We will also investigate the cause of the damage and implement modifications or strategies to minimise reoccurrence.


Inspection and Auditing

Equipment Inspection and Auditing

An engineering audit aims to create, collect, and review information from a wide variety of sources, including;

  • Visual inspection
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Control system audits
  • Safe working platforms audit
  • Incident investigation
  • Operational data
  • Design and fabrication documentation

This information is used to evaluate the machine to determine if any systemic issues are present which are not readily apparent.

The focus of these audits is on personnel safety and structural integrity, however this comprehensive approach often leads to other tangible and beneficial results such as increases in productivity or efficiency.

Design Documentation Audit

MMH Engineering can work with designers, suppliers and end users in the auditing of designs for new equipment and upgrades. An audit would include checks for compliance to relevant standards and specifications, use of current and correct information as well as omissions or errors in calculations.

Completing a design audit gives all parties greater confidence that the design that has been produced is satisfactory.