Sample Projects

MMH Engineering have undertaken many interesting and challenging projects for our clients. A selection of these projects are briefly described below.

If you would like further information regarding these projects, or are interested in other projects we have conducted, please feel free to contact us.

Detailed Design
Studies and Audits
Site Work and Fabrication

Detailed Design

Worsley Alumina bucket wheel reclaimer upgrade by Sandvik

Worsley Alumina required two existing Sandvik model bridge reclaimers to be upgraded as a part of their ‘Efficiency and Growth’ expansion project. The upgrade increased the throughput capacity of both reclaimers by 20% and extended their long travel to accommodate longer stockpiles. Components that were upgraded as a part of this project included;

  • Redesigned cross carriage including larger bucket wheel
  • Strengthening of the bridge
  • Design of new structures for electrical house and new cable reeler
  • Upgrade of cross conveyor and transfer chutes
  • Upgrade of mechanical components for the bucket wheel, carriage, conveyor and long travel system

Working closely with Sandvik Mining and Construction, we provided structural engineering and design drafting as well as specification of mechanical equipment requirements.

FMG Solomon crusher hubs design by Minerva

As part of the FMG Solomon Project Minerva designed a state of the art iron ore crusher hub facility. Our engineers worked with Minerva to design two key components of the facility; a rock breaker module, and the wing walls.

A heavy steel structure was designed to support an articulated boom rock breaker for breaking up large boulders before delivery to the primary crusher. The structure was designed to resist the heavy loads arising from the boom type rock breaker with minimal deflection at the breaker bolting seat.

Two 7m high, 25m wide, steel walls were designed to flank the dumping area above the primary crusher for protection of wayward falling rocks from the haul trucks. The walls were designed to survive falling impacts from rocks ranging from 400mm up to 1.5m.

Coupling Install for PT Arutmin

A reclaimer operating at NPL Coal Terminal in Indonesia was designed with a single rigid shaft connecting the bucket wheel to the drive. The installation of a rigid coupling was engineered to allow easy removal of the drive for maintenance. The engineering was performed in accordance with relevant Australian and International standards.

The installation required;

  • Shifting the drive to allow adequate clearance
  • Design of new drive shaft and bucket wheel shaft
  • Modification of the drive torque arm, drive base, and shock absorber
  • Specification of a custom designed coupling (supplied by Tas-Schaefer)

Cape Preston fender support steelwork design for QuayQuip

A QuayQuip parallel movement fender was installed for the Sino Iron Project at Cape Preston to protect a desalination plant intake pipeline from berthing vessels. We provided structural design and analysis of a grouted sleeve pile and tubular structures which support the fender under a variety of ship impact scenarios.

The analysis involved assessment of the tubular structures to international standards and included sophisticated non-linear finite element analysis. Multiple material types made up the fender and supporting structures which all had to be considered during the assessment.


Studies and Audits

PT Adaro Overburden Spreader Design Audit with PTTW

PT Adaro purchased an FLS design overburden spreader for their Tutupan Coal mine in Indonesia. The spreader system consists of a 400m long mobile conveyor and 50m boom spreader with capacity of over 12,000 tph.

Under the direction of PTTW our engineers provided design audit engineering services to PT Adaro during the feasibility and detailed design phases for the procurement of the FLS spreader. The auditing services included;

  • Review and feedback into machine specification
  • Audit of design conformance to AS4324
  • Audit of structural calculations including FEM analysis and design results

We worked closely with PT Adaro and FLS to achieve mutual success and an Australian compliant design.


Site Engineering and Fabrication

PWCS reclaimer bearings replacement with Sandvik

After many years of services at Port Warratah Coal Services, a Sandvik model coal reclaimer was scheduled for preventative maintenance to a boom luff pivot bearing and the slew bearing. A methodology was developed which enabled both the luff pivot and slew bearings to be replaced simultaneously saving both time and money.

The methodology required the balanced superstructure to be supported on three heavy lift towers at nominated critical locations. The three towers were each fitted with multiple 50T-100T hydraulic jacks and the slew deck was lifted simultaneously from the portal using three 300T hydraulic jacks.

All design and drafting tasks were undertaken to fabricate and assemble the towers in position and safely lift and restrain the 600T superstructure at eleven simultaneous lifting locations.

BHP reclaimer slew bearing replacement with Sandvik

As part of routine maintenance a Sandvik model Iron ore reclaimer operating at BHP Mining Area C required a slew bearing to be replaced.

The slew bearing was able to be replaced by carefully jacking the superstructure from the main portal without requiring heavy lift towers. This saved both time and money.

The following services were provided;

  • Design of temporary support structures
  • Assessment and control of superstructure balance
  • Site engineering supervision and direction
  • Safe working procedures and quality control documentation