Company Profile


A Brief History

MMH Engineering was established in Melbourne in 1993 by Klaus Haberler. Klaus had previously enjoyed a long and successful career with ThyssenKrupp, a leading mining equipment manufacturer. While providing valued services to the owners and operators of heavy mining equipment MMH Engineering was quickly established as a leading provider of specialist mobile plant engineering.

MMH Engineering has undertaken projects for clients in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region for a period spanning more than 20 years.

In 2014 Temple Engineering, founded by Damien Temple in 2009, merged with MMH engineering combining the resources and expertise of both companies. The pages of this website provide details of some of the recent and pertinent projects completed by MMH but, despite our best effort, it barely scratches the surface of the depth of knowledge and experience of the MMH team.


Industry Expertise

Engineering consultancies can assist companies in achieving success in a wide range of industries. At MMH Engineering our expertise has been acquired from experience in a number of specific industries including;

  • Mining
  • Materials Handling
  • Commercial Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Port and Coastal Infrastructure

We are willing and capable to assist companies in any industry where the project fits our expertise. Please contact us with an inquiry.


Company Values and Goals

MMH Engineering employees embrace the following core values and goals;

  • uphold the Institute of Engineers Australia Principle Code of Ethics, including;
  • to respect the inherent dignity of all individuals
  • to act on the basis of a well informed conscience
  • to act in the interest of the community
  • to provide the most successful outcome for our clients
  • to cultivate business relationships by being honest and fair, open and communicative
  • to strive to do more, be better, and advance engineering
  • to behave in a manner which garners the engineering profession the respect it deserves

Head Office Location

Our head office is located in Melbourne, Victoria with a presence in Perth, WA and Newcastle, NSW. We have undertaken projects all over Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region and are able to assist any client, anywhere in the world.

We are particularly suited to projects in the following regions;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Southeastern Asia
  • Pacific Islands