Our Employees

Our employees are passionate about technical excellence and committed to ensuring MMH Engineering deliver quality and effective engineered solutions for our clients.

Design and Engineering
Project Management
Technical Services

Managing Director

Damien Temple

As Managing Director, Damien provides leadership to the team utilising his experience as an engineering consultant practicing aspects of structural engineering. His engineering expertise has been developed over 20 years of business in the surface mining and bulk materials handling industries and also in the offshore oil and gas, defence, civil maritime and civil construction industries.

As a valued employee of construction companies, engineering consultancies and equipment manufacturers he has developed a wide range of skills allowing him to perform structural engineering in many diverse fields and market sectors.

Damien is a highly skilled Structural Engineer with many areas of proficiency including;

  • Codified design and verification of structures
  • Advanced finite element analysis
  • Visual inspection and monitoring
  • Structural design auditing
  • Fatigue sensitive design and evaluation
  • Safe work methods and practices
  • Field repair design

Special Projects Manager

Klaus Haberler

Klaus Haberler has over 40 years experience in surface mining and bulk materials handling equipment.

Klaus has highly developed expertise allowing him to perform advanced structural engineering and specialise in difficult and intricate evaluations. He has in depth experience in the operation, maintenance, design and construction of large mining and materials handling systems. This expertise extends from design to senior management roles.

He is an experienced Structural Engineer with many areas of proficiency including specifically tailored expertise in large mobile equipment;

  • Codified design (AS4324, ISO5049, BG86, etc)
  • Detailed design audits
  • Plant performance optimisation
  • Simulation of mining and materials handling operations
  • Failure analysis
  • Failure recovery
  • Upgrade and refurbishment

Senior Engineers

Roger Balas

Roger is a senior engineer with 30 years experience practicing structural engineering and planning for open cut mining and provision of domestic power. Roger has developed specialist knowledge of bulk materials handling equipment, such as bucket wheel excavators and conveying equipment, and has performed countless assessments of this equipment utilising utilising frame analysis and finite element analysis.

Roger is a senior member of the MMH engineering team performing valued services to our clients. He also enjoys providing training and guidance to junior members of the team and is invaluable in this role.

Roger has developed many areas of expertise including;

  • Structural analysis and assessment
  • Verification of mobile equipment
  • Infrastructure design and construction (project management)
  • Finite element analysis
  • Visual Inspection and monitoring
  • Plant maintenance planning, development, and execution
  • Project evaluation and costing

Min Lee

Min is a design engineer with over 14 years of professional experience originating in railway research and progressing to industrial consultancy in oil and gas, processing, and mine crushing and materials handling. Min has been a valuable member and often leader of many engineering project teams responsible for delivering large greenfields mining developments as well as small/medium projects requiring uniquely engineered solutions.

Min has a strong grasp of codified design and verification for strength, stability and fatigue. He is experienced in designing with local and international codes to both Australian and international applications.

Min's areas of proficiency include;

  • Codified design and verification of structures
  • Advanced finite element analysis
  • Structural inspection and auditing
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Vibration evaluation
  • Field repair design
  • Temporary works engineering

Design and Engineering

Design engineering is a core expertise of MMH Engineering. Our engineers and designers have decades of experience in design of all types of equipment and structures.

Our engineers are experienced and highly qualified. They utilise advanced analysis techniques such as;

  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis and Spectral Density Estimation
  • Fatigue Analysis and Fracture Mechanics (Crack Propagation Theory)
  • Discrete Element Modelling
  • Failure Investigations

We specialise in steelwork, but also utilise aluminium, plastics, concrete and specialised materials to provide elegant and efficient solutions. All designs are compliant with applicable Australian Standards.


Project Management

MMH Engineering employs experienced project managers available to manage or supervise site construction activities, facility maintenance, and equipment shutdowns. We adopt safe work practices, efficient methodologies, and can assist our clients with large and small projects by undertaking a variety of project management activities;

  • Tendering
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Resourcing
  • Safe work procedures
  • Client liaison
  • Document approvals
  • Quality assurance

Technical Services

Our technicians provide valuable services for monitoring and quality assurance both at site and in the workshop. We utilise existing market equipment and advanced technology as well as develop customised technology to perform specific functions and provide particular solutions which are not available in the market.

We can provide experienced technicians to perform simple tasks as well as solve advanced or complex problems with a wide range of equipment such as;

  • Strain gauges
  • Acceleration and vibration monitors
  • Ultrasonic thickness and elongation testing
  • Force and pressure measurement